World Trip 2012-13: Day 123 – La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Sunday 27 January 2013
Highlights: The diverse and amazing wildlife of Costa Rica.

Today I decided to visit the Wildlife Refuge at Caño Negro which took the majority of the day. My tour mates all did other things today so it was me and a few strangers for a change. I ended up chatting to a few Americans about world affairs on our trip back from the Wildlife Refuge.

I was picked up on the dot at 7.40 am and away we went. Along the way we stopped at a restaurant that has about 15 lizards living in the trees under the bridge. I am always surprised when I see lizards that can climb trees like cats 🙂

The Wildlife Refuge is part of the major national park systems in Costa Rica. Locals and the government spend a lot of time protecting nature in this country and today’s visit highlighted the fruits of their efforts. During the day I encountered a lot of wildlife including a sloth, white face monkeys, spider monkeys, howler monkeys, caimans, Jesus Christ lizards, and a large number of different birds.

During our leisurely boat ride at one point it started to rain which was great to watch since I was undercover. It meant we got to later face birds trying to dry themselves with their wings spread wide. The included lunch was typical Costa Rica food lots of rice, beans and chicken pieces.

Back at La Fortuna most of the group decided to go to the hot springs but I decided to save money and just relax back at the hotel after a long day admiring the wildlife 🙂

Costa Rica Facebook Photos

My friend the Sloth!

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