World Trip 2012-13: Day 78 – Cancun, Mexico

Thursday 13 December 2012
Highlights: Earning a $100 USD voucher, relaxing at the pool

Today I attended a 2 hour marketing seminar with the Starwood Group owners of the Westin Resorts and Sheraton Hotels. The idea for them was to get me to buy a timeshare in Cancun, my idea was to get a $100 voucher to offset my travel costs.

The marketing techniques they use are great to manipulate you into buying on the spot. The exit interview asked you about whether you had too much sales pressure and why you didn’t buy today. They then make you another offer switching the discussion from we are friends and want to motive our service to another sales pitch. My bet is that it works most of the time. I seemed to be the only one not signing up and I was treated by the package. Good tip if you want to buy is wait to the very end so he deal is sweetened.

I did enjoy my first ‘free’ lunch at the new Westin Cancun property with is actually stunning. I got my voucher split into 4 x $25 USD so I should have to spend anything again for lunch or dinner while in Cancun 🙂

The rest of the day was spend at the pool or doing my laundry using the old fashion hand method. Takes me back to my backpacking days although the plasma TV in the room is a little different. I also helped myself to the shampoos, bath gels and water bottles supplied most days, stocking up for the basic level tour starting on Saturday.

Mexico Photos (Facebook)

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