World Trip 2012-13: Day 74 – Havana to Cancun, Mexico

Sunday 9 December 2012
Highlights: Successfully leaving Cuba

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see any of my tour group today. I’m the first one leaving Cuba but I’ll be the last one to get home next February. I enjoyed what will be the last included breakfast for the next few weeks.

I had to change some more money so I had enough for the taxi to the airport and the departure tax. I’ll have to be a little more careful with money over the next few weeks until I receive my next pay as I’ve used up what was advanced last September.

The taxi drive to the airport caused no problems although checkin didn’t start until 2.5 hours before the flight not the 3 hours as advised. I was offered an upgrade to first class for an additional 37 convertibles but with no extra money it as no dice.

Security clearance was easy, obviously it is harder to get into the country than out, if you are a foreigner that is :). The flight was very quick just up and down with barely enough time to get served a small drink and a nut like product. Once again I have an empty seat next to me on an almost full flight. On landing I could see heaps of different American planes but they parked at a different more modern terminal, obviously there can’t be near a Cuban airplane!

Unlike the Mexico City border control and customs in this place is much more efficient. It is weird however that they get you to press a button to determine who gets ‘extra attention’ by the customs officers. I suppose it is better than racial profiling. My number didn’t come up this time.

The hotel transfer showed up on time and before I knew it I was at my new home for the next 6 days at The Westin Resort and Spa Cancun. I was offered an upgrade to a beach view for $35 extra per night which I knocked back. Internet costs extra around $13 per 24 hours which I will use several times this week. I bought some overpriced snacks from the on site store for dinner. I’ll have to explore for better options tomorrow. The room however was great, two double beds and lots of room.

Time to relax 🙂

Cuba Photos (Facebook)
Mexico Photos (Facebook)

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