World Trip 2012-13: Day 13 – Koh Phangan, Thailand

Tuesday 9 October 2012.
: Fun in the sun, Aroma Massage, Hiking a mountain, BBQ seafood, Chinese Lanterns.

A late start today still saw me the first one to breakfast at 8.30 am. Now some of the girls went to the Half Moon party last night, which sounded like it was a crazy event, with them returning at 3.30 am.  Officially today is a free day for relaxation or optional events, Kirsty and Laurence decided to go diving.

The beach was just metres from my front door, approximately 8 metres to the sea, so very close. I had to be very careful today as I was on the verge of sunburn. Still fun in the swimming in the sea.

Sarah provided the welcome news that massages were available from the next door resort. I choose the aroma massage this time, the Thai Massage will have to wait until Bangkok. For an hour I had both a relaxing and at times painful massage. I felt extremely relaxed afterwards walking around blissfully for awhile before having a late lunch with Catherine and Chloe.

At 4.30 pm Ray and myself headed off for a hike up the surrounding mountain. A miscommunication meant we missed our guide so it was up to ourselves to find the top. We managed to go the wrong way a few days but in the end we made it to the top if not the top of the last rock (very dangerous). We returned to the resort around 5.50 pm, sweating harder than we both had at any other time on this tour. A welcome shower awaited.

At night we enjoyed a BBQ seafood, a chance to enjoy food caught in the local area. Swapping stories a dinner was fun but launching the Chinese lanterns via a beach fire was just awesome.

Tomorrow sees an overnight train ride to Bangkok as this tour starts to wind down.

South East Asia Facebook Photos (Part 3)


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