World Trip 2012-13: Day 4 – Singapore to Melaka, Malaysia

Sunday 30 September 2012.
Highlights: Trishaw ride, Taoism Temple.

Leaving the hotel at 7.30 am we commenced our journey out of Singapore and onto Malaysia for the next 6 days in a new country. We caught multiple taxis to the bus station with no one getting lost. The bus was on the luxury side which surprised my a bit, we will see if the standard is maintained.  The air-conditioning made it a lot more pleasant in this humid area.

After about 40 minutes we hit border control on both sides. Singapore had no problems letting me go, luckily I didn’t lose the paper insert given when I entered. Malaysian officials at no problem with me either and before we knew it we were away for a 3 hour ride to Melaka.

On arrival at the bus station we all tried to change our Singaporean dollars but being Sunday the Money Changer was closed 😦 All but one ATM was out of money which meant that the 7-11 ATM did a massive trade.

We had lunch at the hotel while waiting for rooms to be ready. The bar area was pleasant with a small breeze keeping the weather bearable. Our bags were stored in my room while we waited for the others to be available however when I later tried to open the doors I almost broke the key, maybe I have some strength after all 🙂

We then commenced a trishaw ride around the old city into the China quarter. First stop was a 485 year old Taoism Temple, very impressive design. There was a prayer service on but we were still allowed in to take photos and walk around. From here we went to Buddhist Temple with grand marble floors. Our ride guide Carmel was very insight and a very interesting fellow who ad seen a great deal of the world.

We sampled a Melaka Tree fruit, bitter with an apple favour, and then visited the impressive canal. Apparently The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin helped clear out over 300 crocs in 2002 so it’s now much safer. My lovely trishaws companion Jasmine and myself were safely returned to the hotel.

Later the group went out for dinner and to shop at the night market. Sarah helped me pick out a great gift for my nieces Erin and Darby although my sisters might not be happy :). The market was full of life but you were given your distance to browse. I tried the rice balls and an egg ball for dinner not as enjoyable as I would have liked.

South East Asia Facebook Photos (Part 1)


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