World Trip 2012-13: Day 2 – Singapore

Friday 28 September 2012.
Highlights: Sentosa Island, Singapore Zoo Night Safari

No problems waking up today, must be the favourable 2 hour time zone change. The included breakfast was very fulling and set me up for me first tour exploring a new country.

Checked the Internet and heard the body of Jill Meagher was found back home, god there are some sick people in this world. I hoped that they weren’t in my home town of Melbourne. Raping and killing a women on her way home should never happen. I’m outraged someone in my community could do such a thing.

Sentosa Island tour
Putting this behind me I had a planned activities on Sentosa Island today. Tour pickup at 8.00 am went fine and a quick transit a the tour meeting place and we were off. The day started with a cable ride from the highest mountain in Singapore (not that high). I had a great view of the area. Lots of ships on one side and a huge city on the other. Always feel a little on edge on cable cars especially if they swing.

From here we visited the Imagines of Singapore which explained the local history, the most interesting part was the Japanese Occupation. It was interesting how many people from different cultures have worked here in relative peace, maybe a guide to the rest of us.

The Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom was next. Butterflies are great, so are the birds but if you look at my photos you’ll find no photos of spiders for a reason! Next stop was the Underwater World Oceanarium with gave me a chance to see pink dolphins and sea lions up close. I also got the walk under sharks which is always cool. Not a bad tour at all.

It is however very hot and humid. For tomorrow’s day tour I’m buying a water in advance. I also found my G Adventure hotel which is across the road (and construction). I knew they were close but no within a stones throw. Makes moving much easier.

Singapore Zoo Night tour.

A good night welcomed me to the Singapore Zoo Night Safari. Pick up and transfer went relativity well with the bus waiting for some late comers. The drive took about 45 minutes with us slowed down by the 30,000 Malaysians trying to cross the border and return home for the weekend.

We started with a buffet at the zoo. I was actually the first person to leave our group of about 30 people since we are here to see the animals and we only have a short time I was keen to start. The Zoo has a tram that does a circular route but I got off at the half point to undertake some of the walking trails. I view lions, leopards, rhinos and elephants among about 40 different species. You can’t use flash for photos so this is mostly for the memory bank. I also got to witness a fire show which was entertaining. Before I knew it we had to leave 😦

Very enjoyable and a must do in Singapore. I was lucky with the weather today no rain and for the night safari great moon light with no clouds. Early morning tour tomorrow again and then I will change hotels to begin the G Adventure tour group.

South East Asia Facebook Photos (Part 1)


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