True Love and Loss

The road to recovery from painful experiences can be very long and difficult.  Last Friday I visited a colleague who has been on long term leave looking after her husband who died of cancer recently.  I really don’t know how I’d go losing someone so close to me, caring for them for many months and watching them slowly slip away.  The inner strength people have really amazes me sometimes.

I spent just over 3 hours at my colleague’s home, and during this time I learnt the difference between a house and a home.  The moment I step inside I felt warmth.  They bought this house over 30 years ago and had slowly turned it into a home.  There were so many small personal touches, strained windows they had made to reflect aspects of their life they loved, the small detached entertainment room / bar, the fire places.

Everywhere I looked I felt history and I felt the joy and happiness that had occurred in this place that became a home.  My colleague is now planning to build a memorial garden to be ready by the anniversary of her husband’s passing.  I can tell you the display is inspiring bringing
out aspects of places that they both had good times in, bringing out life and tranquillity.

Imagine loving someone so much and having that love still displayed all around you, even with that person gone they are still there.  We all struggle to find our meaning but I experienced someone who had no doubt of what was important and found someone special, a soulmate, to share it with for over 30 years and even now in death there is this strength and inner light because of that love.

People use the word ‘love’ a lot but I always feel it’s your actions that show your true self, thoughts and desires.  I got a brief view of what true love is, and it looked majestic and remarkable.

About Nathan

An Australian World traveler who has been fortunate enough to experience 56 countries so far.
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