World Trip 2012 Takes Form!

My work has approved leave for my 2012-2013 world holiday adventure so it’s time to get down to the fun planning stage.

The central theme of this trip will be a visit to Antarctica, a place I seriously considered visiting with Andrew during our 2009-2010 world trip but costs ruled it out.  The reason for early planning is to pay as much as possible in advance and start saving, plus Antarctica is only accessible for a few months of the year so limited flexibility.  I already have my round the world ticket options worked out.

The basic plan so far;

Leg 1 – Singapore & Sri Lanka
Fly into Singapore around 25 Sept overnight and then go to Sri Lanka for an 8 day tour.

Sri Lanka Experience (Code ASSP) 

Return to Singapore and spend a few days at the city state.

Leg 2 Europe
Fly to Frankfurt around 6 Oct and leave around 27 Oct.  Visit a few places I’ve missed in Europe, probably include Budapest, Greece (if it still exists) and maybe Belgium and Norway, looking for some ideas for this one.  However I’ll definitely do a short 8 day tour of Croatia

Croatia Highlights (Code ECCH) 

Leg 3 – South America and Antarctica
Start in Buenos Aires around 28 or 29 October and commence 21 day trip.

Lake District of Patagonia & Antarctica Classic in Depth (Code XLLESX) 

Leg 4 – Central America
After the cold of the Antarctic head up Mexico City around 24 Nov and commence a 59 day tour.

Great Mexico & Central American Journey (Code JXP)

Leg 5 – USA
This is optional leg since I’ve been here before.  It could turn into an East Canada leg since I’ve only really been to West Canada.

I’ll then return in early February 2013 to a mountain of debt and no leave but I’m sure I’ll be very happy.  now to find some friends willing to join my at some stage during this trip.

About Nathan

A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries in this amazing world.
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