World Trip 2011: Day 13 – Whittier to Anchorage to Los Angeles, USA

Sunday 12 June 2011
Walking around Anchorage, In-flight Internet access

Last day of the trip with any non travel activities. Woke up with the news that flights into Melbourne have stopped and face major disruptions due to South American volcano from last week, I’ll see if That causes any problems tomorrow.

First up it was a short 2.5 hour train back to Anchorage.  Then as I had a 5 pm flight I went for a last walk around Anchorage taking the trail around the coast and passing the train line.

Gorgeous place, I could see how far the tide comes in as well, no wildlife today, just joggers.

From here I visited the local mall and just walked around. I was reminded of how cheap goods are here especially electronic games.

Then the time came for my organised shuttle to airport which was on time. At check-in the system had me in seat 28A at the back of the plane. With no security no pat downs this time I was quickly airside.

A McDonald’s lunch later (I know terrible) and I walked around the airport listening to ABC 774 radio over iPhone with the free airport wifi. Good way to start getting a little homesick.

Btw in Alaska they don’t have sales tax so the advertised price is the final price, only place in the USA I’ve notice who do take. I suppose the oil revenue is enough revenue for the Government.

The plane boarded early and I wasn’t paying attention. While I wasn’t last onto the plane that was by chance I just happened to be walking by the gate when I wondered if I should check boarding time. Almost caused myself some grief.

Plane was only about 65% full. They offered Internet access in flight for $5 so I was in, especially given this is a 5 hour flight although they turn it off while we were over Canada which was for around 1.5 hours and they didn’t mention that when I purchased the wifi pass.

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