2010 Fiji Trip: Day 1 – Brisbane

Saturday 30 October 2010
Highlights: Business Class flight, First Status Run Positioning Trip
Trip Photos (on Facebook)

Today saw a 2 hour positioning flight up to Brisbane from Melbourne.  First up a visit to the Business QANTAS Club lounge – the pancakes were especially nice today – it’s very rare for me to get into the business lounge now that my flying status with QANTAS has been downgraded to Silver membership status.

From here I boarded the plane in Business Class; last time was a free upgrade with Andrew from NZ back in January at the end of our 2009-2010 World Trip.  It’s a great way to travel if you can afford it which for the most part I can’t and I don’t get to travel business for work (one day maybe).

The flight was uneventful but the ham and omelette breakfast was enjoyable. As I had on carry on luggage no hassles at the airport. I caught the Airtrain to the Brisbane CBD for $15, it’s crazy we don’t have something like this in Melbourne.  I walked around the city for a while and had a few bets on the races back in Melbourne.

I noted the flood like rains back in Melbourne and felt the 1 night in Brisbane was a good call. Unfortunately I did not go very well betting at the local races. Walking about Brisbane at night, especially on the Northbank is quite special.  This town is growing on me every time I come here.

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