World Trip 2009-2010: Day 62 – Queenstown, New Zealand

Wednesday 27 January 2010
Highlights: Jet-boating on Lake Wakatipu, Gondola Ride, Queenstown Casino

Today it was me and Kara on a jet-boat on Lake Wakatipu and beyond. We just missed the 10 am ride but got onto the 11 am for 1 hour of thrills. Kara bravely sat on the side of the boat and got wet as a result. Super views of the surrounding area when we weren’t pulling 360 spins 🙂

Once we caught up with Jason, Andrew & Erin we headed off to Ten Pin bowling. Andrew won the first game and Jason the second with Jason having the better overall score. Erin only played the second game but matched to beat Kara with a little help from myself. My second game was much better, so much better that I finished 2nd in the 2nd game and overall beating Andrew who finished 3rd overall. I just needed to knock one last pin over and I would have had an extra frame and probable victory.

For the late afternoon we headed up to the Skyline Restaurant via a Gondola Ride and had fantastic views of Queenstown and the surrounds. Before dinner we watched the Kiwi Haka experience. Andrew, Kara and Erin both got up on stage and danced at one point, not for me as I didn’t wanted to shame Australians everywhere. I took some video and uploaded them to Facebook.

Before heading home I went on a walk and found myself at the Queenstown Casino. This is a small casino with 86 machines and a few tables; I managed to win $40 so it was a good visit. A big day, especially after the early and long day yesterday, hopefully I can get some sleep tomorrow.

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