World Trip 2009-2010: Day 46 – Cusco to Arequipa, Peru

Monday 11 January 2010
Highlights: Full body recovery massage, Flight to Arequipa

Today most people started recovering from last night’s Inca Trail / Emma & Gareth anniversary and my birthday party. For me I had a birthday gift i.e. a 1 hour full body massage to look forward to. I have to say the massage was good, especially when I extended my arms behind my back and the masseuse worked on my upper back.

I really felt the recovery effects on my back when I was on our flight to Arequipa later in the day. At the check in I swapped bags with Kelly as we were flying Oneworld Alliance airline LAN and as a premium member I had a higher baggage allowance which it turned out we needed to use.

Unfortunately I couldn’t access the lounge for some reason. The flight was very good, first time I’ve been on a LAN flight. The flight stopped at Juliaca after 30 minutes and then Arequipa, while we got off the flight it continued onto Lima. I’ve never been on a commuter flight like that before with multiple stops. Anyway it will be interesting to see if I get flyer points from QANTAS.

We got picked up by a comfortable bus and 20 minutes later we were in a nice hotel. Tomorrow will be undertaking a 5 hour drive to the Colca Canyon, a major topic of conversation at dinner was how the trip was almost over 😦

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