World Trip 2009-2010: Day 12 – Ilha Grande to Paraty, Brazil

Tuesday 8 December 2009
Highlights: Catching fish and swimming on a slow boat ride to Paraty, Flash flooding in Paraty

The rain didn’t stop all night and we are informed that Sao Paulo is under water which might cause problems in a few days.   I got my pushups out of the way early and vowed to not say ‘mine’ for at least the next two days.

We organized for a changed to our travel plans, basically we hired a boat to take as all the way to Paraty but to stop a few times and let us snorkel and swim, plus catch fish and have a BBQ on the boat.   The first stop saw us at the Green Lagoon and the snorkelling was exceptional, heaps of colourful fish.

Both Andrew and I jump off the top of the boat a few times (Andrew way more than me). From here we crossed the Atlantic Ocean back to the main land.   I should mention it was raining most of this time but not heavy.   We caught heaps of fish and when we got to the main land it was all cooked up for us.

We again snorkelled but this time we did also did a quad dive (David, Andrew, Martin and myself) from the top of the boat, I believe there are good photos somewhere.   Kelly spent the most time out on the water with the rest of the guys.

Unfortunately Shrina got a little sea sick but managed to stay okay. Our last stop was to see some turtles swimming but unfortunately due to the water the water wasn’t very clear so I only spent about 10 minutes in the water.

We arrived at Paraty around 6 pm and it was still raining strongly.   We received a briefing of options for the next day I was planning on the Jeep Tour.   Very late in the day we went out to the ATM and supermarket for some dinner but in order to get there we had to walked in knee deep water, the city was starting to flood! Hopefully we won’t get sick from walk in this rain water.

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