World Trip 2009-2010: Day 10 – Rio De Janeiro to Ilha Grande, Brazil

Sunday 6 December 2009
Highlights: Caipirinha (strong alcoholic drink), enjoying local football match viewing party, drinking beers under the stars

Getting up late, around 9.30 am, we packed up and left Rio with our new friends.   We caught a private mini bus to a crossing point to Ilha Grande Island.   The bus ride took about 2 hours during which time the group really started to get to know each other.

While waiting for the bus we ended up having the local alcoholic drink caipirihia which was incredibly strong, everyone felt the effects from just one drink.  The drink is made with cachaça (sugarcane hard liquor), sugar, and lime.

This made the boat ride even more interesting.   To get to the island we had to go over a small proportion of the Atlantic Ocean which was very choppy and ended up a bit wet.

Over arrival at the Ilha Grande we set out for a small walk at which point David met a friend who invited the group to watch the big football (soccer) match which Flamingo (Rio) had to win to win their first championship in 17 years.   Watching the game on the big screen with about 60 other locals was an experience.   Flares and fireworks were being set off during the game.

The Flamingos (who wear red and black) came back from 0-1 to win 2-1 and everyone went crazy.   This started a parade back down to the main street and onwards.   This and all the beers made for an enjoyable late afternoon.

Later that evening we ended up on the main pier with David and later some locals playing his guitar.   Andrew, Gareth, Kelly and David all went swimming with David and Andrew doing back flips from the pier luckily with no damage.   An awesome day.

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