World Trip 2009: Leg 4 – Australian Summary

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This leg was the shortest time wise. I have to say that I did thoroughly enjoy Margaret River in Western Australia, even the storms at night and the rain during the day. The winery tour was worth doing even if I ended up with a headache!

One day I’d like to go the Western Australia for a few weeks and really see the place, especially going up the coast to see places like Broome, I’m told it’s another world. It’s hard to under estimate how good the business upgrade was for the overnight flight to Sydney. When you don’t get to sleep in a bed for 40+ hours comfort during that time is critical.

Watching my team Essendon win was a great bonus and a fantastic way to finish the trip. But in the end I’ll remember this short leg for finding out I had been promoted which changes my career greatly. At the end of the 2006 World Trip I set out some goals and I really haven’t done any of them but now at least I can cross of the promotion one 🙂

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