World Trip 2009: Day 50 – Margaret River and Fremantle, Australia

Friday 10 July 2009
Highlights: The coastline

My last day in Western Australia started with a big thunderstorm during the night, boy it is unusual to see rain, at least this much rain! Anyway after checking out and doing a little bit of e-mail catch up I headed for the coastline to see whether there really was good surfing to be had around these parts, and the answer is yes there is but very dangerous. You need to dodge the rocks that seem to be everywhere. As I ate lunch watching the wave’s crash on the rocks and storm clouds moving in I felt really at peace. I remember how much I used to love cold weather and the rain, I’m not sure why.

On my way back to Perth I decided on another stop at the chocolate factory, some free samples and a couple of gifts later I hit the road. I had to cancel any thoughts of bushwalking however as the weather was too changeable, and it did in fact go bad again.

Half way back to Perth I received a text message from my colleague and good friend Snez telling me I had just received an e-mail saying I had been PROMOTED. A very welcome surprise.  After the delays in the process due to cut budgets and virtual recruitment freezes, plus the fact I was worried about my job interview performance I had decided to expect the worst. Instead I won and they made an exception in current workplace policies by going ahead with the promotion.

It’s strange that I’m getting this in a year of a virtual recruitment freeze and having two big trips. I suppose it’s recognition for the last 3 years of hard work. While excited I needed to get back to focusing on this trip. I managed to find Fremantle (not that hard but hey I didn’t have a map) and headed for the coastline.

Again the breaking waves and the freezing wind in my hair (no jokes please) gave me a very calm feeling. I didn’t have time to visit any of the museums (they shut at 5 pm) or other attractions, but walking along the coast was enough for me. Getting to the airport early I found I could check in 6 hours before my midnight flight.

This meant I had a good chance to let others know the good news about the promotion and to watch Ricky Ponting score 150 in the Ashes Test Match on the big screen in the lounge. Lounge access is key to nights like this one, especially when you don’t have any accommodation tonight other than a plane seat (which looks like no one is sitting next to me).  So now I have my last full day of the trip tomorrow in Sydney watching Essendon hopefully win and it’s then back home in time for my sister Kara’s birthday.

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