World Trip 2009: Day 43 – London, England

Friday 3 July 2009
Highlights: Lords – The Home of Cricket

After listening to my team Essendon lose badly on the ABC via the internet I headed off to the world famous Lord’s Cricket Ground for a tour. As there was a match on (Middlesex vs Surrey) we didn’t have access to the pavilion or Long Room today, same price of £14 however!

The tour took about 2 hours and included a visit to their museum and a viewing of the tiny 4 inch Ashes. The display included the story of Sir William Clarke and how the physical Ashes started at Rupertswood (my old school). Talking to the guide he was happy to see a Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) member as we are affiliated with Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC). The tour had 16 people in it with 15 Australians and 1 Kiwi.

W.G. Grace the famous late 1800s player has lot of references at this ground. I was also clearly able to see the slope on the ground. We got access to the modern Media Centre due to the pavilion being shut to us and I have to say it is a great viewing platform. I was very happy to have done this tour.

GraceGoing back to the flat I had all types of problems. First I boarded a bus going the wrong way, then I got lost in the CBD, waiting for the 159 bus that didn’t come for 30 minutes, when I gave up and went to the tube the 159 came but was way too full and finally got the tube in peak hour and it was worst than a cattle transport. Luckily it was only 20 degree day so on the train it would have been about 30.

Jon passed his teaching qualifications today so we all went out to dinner at an up market Spanish Tapas bar with a few of his friends and everyone from the flat. This was after Jon made one of the strongest mixed drinks I’ve ever had (I was feeling drunk half way though it). The meal and night was great costing £30 (about $62 AUD). Only 48 hours and my Europe leg is finished, tomorrow I’m leaving London for Brighton returning for a show later in the day.

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