World Trip 2009: Day 41 – London, England

Wednesday 1 July 2009
Highlights: Imperial War Museum

Today has supposed to be an easy day, starting with me just posting the rest of my Egypt photos online and booking the Perth leg accommodation. However in the afternoon I visited the Imperial War Museum.  The ground level is in its own way very fun, old planes, tanks and submarines on display. The next level has information and photos about the secret side of war like the British SAS, MI5 and MI6 and the code breakers. Fascinating stuff which asked hard questions about terrorist in particular and keeping secrets from the public.

Lastly I visited the Holocaust display. I’ve visited lots of Holocaust museums and displays in the past including death camps in Belgium. I wasn’t expecting to come out of the place close to tears. The stories were similar to ones I’ve heard in the past but with a British view. Listening to the story about how when the British first got intelligence on the holocaust they thought it was false and that no one could do this type of thing of this scale, to the Parliament’s universal response when the Foreign Minister informed the house of what was happening. A much visit, I’m still emotional right now thinking about it all.

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