World Trip 2009: Day 22 Kom Ombo to Luxor, Egypt

Friday 12 June 2009
Highlights: Beautiful sunrise over the Nile, Temple of Kom Ombo, Temple of Edfu, Luxor Temple

During the night at around 4 am I woke up cold sleeping under the stars and ended up needing to use the blanket I took from the QANTAS flight to Los Angeles at the start of the trip.  When you think Egypt you don’t think cold but at night it can be very cold.

I woke up again at 6 am and watched a beautiful sunrise; it had to be seen to be believed. It only took until about 8 am however to again be very hot (guessing 35), so the night does get cold in summer but only for a short period.

We left the felucca and visited Temple of Kom Ombo which had a roman and Egyptian style. Got some great photos as the tourist only showed up when we were leaving, brilliant. We also visited the Temple of Edfu and which Ahmed again had some good stories, this time I played the evil god who killed my brother twice (long story) for his wife.

We arrived in Luxor around 1 pm. I should mention almost everything is shut down in the middle of the day; it is too hot even for the locals. I mean there are still vendors open for the tourist but not as much as at night.

We decided to go to the Luxor Temple at 8 pm and it was simply magnificent I was very glad I choose visit temple at night was the best I have ever seen and enormous.  Tomorrow we have the donkey ride to the Valley of the Kings (let’s see if i can avoid falling off!)

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