World Trip 2009: Day 20 – Aswan and Abu Simbel, Egypt

Wednesday 10 June 2009
Highlights: Visiting Abu Simbel, Night Market shopping

Today started with a 3 AM WAKE UP CALL. We had all agreed to go on the option tour to Abu Simbel, and this was done by linking up with other groups for safety reasons.

It took about 3.5 hours to get there. Abu Simbel has two temples, one to the great Ramesses II and a smaller one to his favourite wife, Nefertari. Ramesses II worshiped himself as a living god and had 81 wives and 154 children, he rules for over 60 years and is considered a great. After visiting the temples Stephanie said she needed her daily ‘molestation’ with the local stores, I was offered a long white shirt to sell her!!

We left around 11 am (when it really starts to get hot). Thank god the vehicles have air conditioning or we would surely die. Ahmed directed us to a favourite restaurant at which we had an incredible meal with huge serves; I couldn’t come close to finishing.

Every meal has a bread product and I’m sure I’ll be bigger by the end of the trip. After resting back at the hotel the group ventured back out to the market at night, which was much nicer with more people. We ended up having a few drinks and most of the group (but not me) smoking some local products that I believe would be illegal in Australia.

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