An Australia Day Long Weekend

Starting on Saturday 26 January (Australia Day) I enjoy a short 3 day weekend away in Adelaide with my brother Reagan.   I got him the trip as a combined birthday/Christmas present as we didn’t get to spent must time together these days. On the Saturday we went and saw a small but beautiful German town called Hahndorf which was a short 40-50 minute drive out of Adelaide.   I did manage to get us slightly lost just after I told Reagan I’m a great map reader, so that wasn’t ideal timing!

That night we walked around the city centre (which was 95% closed) and checked into our hotel. On Sunday it was time to go to the star attraction, the Adelaide Test match, Australia vs. India.   I booked this trip in September last year but after the Sydney Test Match it looked like this one might be cancelled.

A very enjoyable day watching cricket, this makes it 5 different Test Matches grounds for me;
1) Melbourne,
2) Sydney,
3) Christchurch (New Zealand),
4) Joh-burg (South Africa) and now
5) Adelaide.

This is the only one we didn’t win however.   As Gilchrist had announced his retirement overnight I got to see his final match.   Ponting and Michael Clarke got hundreds.   I choose to walk back to our hotel and saw a very drunk young man crash his bike into…. well nothing he just crashed but thought he hit something.

I helped untangle him from the bike and him wanted to toast Australia Day with me, unfortunately that was yesterday (I’m guessing  he had been awake for 30-40 hours so I suppose it was still for him!) and he had smashed his last beers 😦 And on the last day we went to the horse races at Cheltenham at which both Reagan and I helped the local economy by giving all our money away.   I know I’m very generous.

I also realised I got sunburn at the cricket, but only on my face!!!   I put sun cream elsewhere but thought the cap would take care of my face… I was very wrong. I won’t need lights at night this week as I now glow in the dark 😦   Despite this it was a good weekend away from the everyday life in Melbourne.   I have a feeling big things are about to happen in my life in the near future so this was a good chance to take a break.

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