Personal Update & Mental Health

It’s been quite some while since my last post and quiet a lot has happened.  Day 3 of my New Zealand trip saw me get back into Melbourne just in time to catch a work flight to Brisbane. What I found out in Brisbane however is my main credit card had been used on an internet gambling website. I’ll give credit to ANZ for picking it up, stopping payments and the quick fix. I haven’t posted a lot as I’ve had a hard time managing my personal life and the stress that causes. I’ve struggled with depression during this time and with the help of some friends I’ve sought professional help which has been very useful. Depression has many negative aspects to it; the biggest is people not understanding it is a health issue that is not always a reflection of your situation in life. For a long time I’ve had mental health issues which I’ve dealt with mostly by myself (I’m a male so stupid pride goes hand in hand). The incident in Paris last year plus a realisation that I’m incapable of getting some things I strongly desire in life obviously weaken my mental health management. You should check out beyond blue website for information if interested. You’d be surprised how many people are affected, and how good most people are of hiding their problems.

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A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries in this amazing world.
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