World Trip 2007 – Day 1: Melbourne to Auckland, New Zealand

Saturday 28 July 2007  – Photos
Highlights: Qantas Melbourne International First Class lounge, Upgraded to Business Class after taking my economy seat 🙂

The trip is about two things, helping re-qualifying status for my next world trip and seeing Lord of the Rings sets.

I checked in for my flight just before 9 am (for my 10.55 am flight).  As a Qantas Platinum member I could use the dedicated First Class check in despite I only a very cheap economy ticket.   They have porters and very comfortable chairs to use while you wait.

From here is was a visit to the new Qantas Melbourne International First Class lounge which was outstanding.   I went to the dining room are request an omelette and freshly squeezed orange juice.   Service was great and the view of the airport is very good as well.   I sat down to workout how I was getting from the airport to my hotel that night. Boarding was delayed by about 30 minutes due to another airline having to cancel their flight (Emirates I believe).

I get my special pre-allocated seat but it’s not that great as one side is a little squeeze by the exit door (the other leg has heaps of room however).   Just before we departed I’m asked if I might moving so a family can stay together.  After having heard a few people decline to move I yes that would be okay given it’s a short flight after accepting I was informed I could move to business class!  A few jealous people including those who said no to moving, I wonder if the upgrade was to thank me for saying yes after so many people said no.

This was my first international flight in business class (even if only 3.5 hours).   The seat was great, and the meal selection large (ice cream was just right).   Watched the movie Amazing Grace.   I could get use to this service. Found the Airbus easily enough and the drop off turned out to be about 10 minute walk from my hotel.

I’m staying at the Grand Chancellor which is very good (not the 4 star they self rate) but very good for the deal I got.   Since it was already 7 pm (and raining) I stayed in to watch some cable movies.   Looking forward to tomorrow’s tour, just have to adjust to the 2 hour time difference (i.e. getting up early).

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