The joys of football

Last year I was enjoying a fantastic world trip that included the magnificent South Africa and Europe (including the crazy World Cup).   What it meant however is that I missed watching my team Essendon, have their worst season since I was born (so good timing I suppose).

Since 1st March I’ve been heading up the SMSF Annual return project team.   It’s been high pressure with very tight timelines.   I’ve probably logged more air hours then when travelling the world last year (it feels like it).   However as much professional satisfaction I’ll get from this project you need enjoyable pastimes as well.   Good friends, family, recreation and other interests. Well the boys have given me a lot of joy this year, as well as mini heart attacks.

Last night we won by 2 points to the 2nd bottom team Melbourne.   Our last 4 wins (out of 5 games) have been by 8 pts (really 2 with a goal after the siren), 1 pt, 1pt and last night 2 pts.   The sense of overwhelming joy in a community setting really gets your blood going.   Hopefully we’ll make the finals and Kevin Sheedy will get another season as coach, his 28th year.   I’m not ready for him to leave the club he has been coach since my earliest childhood memory and I’m not ready to give up those times just yet despite my 33 years old age.

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A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries in this amazing world.
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