That high feeling

Yesterday I played and lost in a tennis semi-final but in an important way felt a winner.   We played the top team in B Special 3 Men’s tennis (we finished 4th).   This team had not let anyone get within 15 games during the season (out of 48 maximum, 6 sets of 8 games) and beat us 48-24 in the last home and away match (we played well). We switched the playing order and I moved from my number 3 spot up to number 2.   I said going  into the match if we won 1 set that was good, 2 sets was out perform and 3 sets was fantastic.   We won 3 sets in an incredible hard fought match.   In my last set I actually had one point on my swerve to win 8-4 and tie the overall match (a tie breaker would have been played next). I’ve never felt so pumped, or emotional, during a match as I did at the end.   We played our hearts out against a much better team (who could be in A grade) and for 3 of us, including myself, this was our highest ever grade played.   I didn’t think at 33 I’d feel that way playing sport.

I played 43 of a possible 45 games (6-8, 6-8 & 8-7) and 20 minutes afterwards I felt very sore in my right leg but at the time I had no idea.   During my last set with my nephew Andrew we played some incredible points.   There was one where I was run off the court into the next one, Andrew covered for me I run behind him and eventually hit a running winner from the opposite side. Yes we lost on the scoreboard but in reality we won.   If we had of won the match it would have been more incredible than Ireland beating Pakistan in the cricket.   I would have said we were $5.00 outsiders (against $1.01).   An incredible emotional high of knowing we did everything possible and enjoyed ourselves.

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A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries in this amazing world.
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