Australia and the Environment

Recently the UK Government commissioned an independent report into the effects Climate Change will have on the economy.   They choose Sir Nicholas Stern a leading economist.   His report has created lots of press and is worth a read.

The report makes the conclusion that climate change is real and happening.   It also talks about the long term cost to our economies and how we are running out of time to effect these changes while reducing the cost. The really sad part of the report is that the Howard Government (I can’t call them the Australian Government anymore) is still in denial about what is happening.   Their continued short term (blind??) view on the bottom dollar is and will have a major negative effect on our lives and future generations.

Today’s dollar is worth more than people in the future.   I don’t, as a rule, believe in voting against someone, it’s negative, you need to vote for something.   However the next federal election it’s time to make an exception, put the Nationals last (they are worst which is hard to believe in a party that supports farmers i.e. the land) and the Liberals second last on every ballot (I’m only talking national, state level Liberals seem to be better). I’d rather any of the other parties (including Family First!!) get my and your vote first.   We are killing the environment.   There has not be one major report that has been independently reviewed for the past 10 years that says otherwise (I know certain parts of the media make you think otherwise).   Now we even have an economics report that talks about the major cost (lives and financial) and yet we still do nothing, it is close to criminal. Some people go on about the Americans re-electing George Bush and blame them for a lot of what is happening in the world.   Well it’s time to look in our own backyard.   Some Howard Ministers are saying we would sign up if everyone else does something.   They are missing the point; we need to be leaders not the last nation forced to comply. Get active, do something to make a difference.   This is not a left or right wing issue or Labour and Liberal.   It’s about long term planning to ensure the best outcome for future generations.   Are we so selfish and materialistic that we don’t care?   It’s time right now to demand action.

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