World Trip 2006: Day 133 – Seattle to Vancouver, Canada

Tuesday 8 August 2006
Highlights: Canadian Border Crossing

Today I was mostly killing time before catching my Greyhound bus back to Vancouver.   Unwisely I throw out my map of Seattle and as a result got myself slightly lost when trying to find the station, which will be a lesson for me in the future. Have to say that the Canadian border officials are about 450% better than the USA officials, for starters they actually helped people who made mistakes and you aren’t treated like a criminal.

BTW they also don’t charge you for their services, I wish they made the Americans come over and watch real service. Once in Vancouver I found it raining, this is the 3rd out of 4 times when leaving a place it is raining, considering I’ve only seen rain 7 times of the trip there has to be something to this.   Was I changed my plans to leave 1 day early I didn’t have a booking for the night and guess what…. I couldn’t find a place for about 1.5 hours (again another lesson learned).

Tomorrow I have a 2 ‘official’ days of travel as I lose a day on my way to Hong Kong.   The trip is quickly running away from me, I’ve been on the road for 19 weeks now with only 3 to go.   My bed is starting to look very comfortable, however before that I have a trip to China that I have always wanted to do.

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