World Trip 2006: Day 131 – Seattle, USA

Sunday 6 August 2006
Highlights: Major League Baseball match – Seattle Mariners Vs Oakland Athletics 7-6

Take me out to the ballpark!!! The main reason for my visit to Seattle was to go to a Major League Baseball match, and today I witnessed the Seattle Mariners Vs Oakland Athletics at Safeco Field.

What a match I got, Seattle started strong in the first innings scoring 2 runs but from the 3rd innings they were down getting as far behind as 4 runs by the 5th innings.   They came back very strongly to eventually win 7-6.  At the start of the game they sing the American anthem, at the ‘7th innings stretch’ they (by which I mean the entire crowd) sing ‘Take me out to the ballpark‘ and later ‘God Bless America‘.

BTW Don’t buy anything at the ballpark; it costs $7.50 (plus tax) for a hotdog (around $10 Australian) without a drink!!

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