World Trip 2006: Day 128 – Whistler to Cheainus and Victoria, Canada

Thursday 3 August 2006
Highlights: Ferry ride to Vancouver Island, Murals at Cheainus

Some of our group managed to see a bear during their early morning walk, I doubt now that I’ll see one however that not a big deal for me having seen some in Europe. Today with left Whistler and headed for British Columbia capital Victoria which is located on Vancouver Island.   This meant I got to take a 1.5 hour ferry ride which allowed great views from the sea.

The highlight of the day was Cheainus, a small town on Vancouver Island.   This town was a logging town which when the mill shut looked likely to fold the town as well.   Local artist however started painting some murals and the town began very famous in these parts.   The murals are some of the best work I’ve seen. Vancouver Island is the only piece of Canada below the 49 Parallel which was settled with USA after a border dispute.   Originally the USA wanted up to Alaska (ie. leaving about 30 kms to Canada)!

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