World Trip 2006: Day 125 – Jasper to Banff, Canada

Monday 31 July 2006
Highlights: Gondola Mountain Ride, magnificent Chateau Banff, Dinner show

A fantastic day of exploring and laughing.   I started the day with a gondola (aka cable car) ride to the top of Sulphur Mountain.   The view was spectacular of the area and the weather cold at the top.   Most of the group did not do the hike from the cable car post to the weather station but I found it far too good a chance to explore a mountain at this height (2,000 metres). During the day I explored Banff which is definitely for tourist   (Banff – Be Aware Nothing is For Free).   The Chateau Banff in particular was impressive (US Presidents have stayed here and played on the golf course out the back).

At night I went out to see a dinner show called “Oh Canada, Eh?” which is a send up of Canadian stereo types.   I didn’t know if this would be a good use of my money but in the end I had a great night, even joined in singing on a few occasions (something you should be glad you missed).   Your  host for the nights also gets up and sings and your table tries to make the most noise for your host/server so he/she can get a prize, unfortunately now  my table was a little too quiet.   A great night, I also learned some Canadian history, like they changed their flag in 1961 to set themselves up as not the United Kingdom (they are still a Commonwealth nation).   I found this interesting given the debate in Australia over our troops fighting and dying under the flag in the world wars (just like they did).

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