World Trip 2006: Day 123 – Jasper, Canada

A huge day saw a visit to Maligne Lake deep in the Jasper National Park and then a visit to Edith Clavell Mountain. It’s very hard to explain just have stunning Maligne Lake actually is, because it is so remote it has barely been touched.   A lot of the great postcard / photos from Canada come from this area.   Spirit Island in particular looks great with the sun rising just above it (unfortunately I could get a workable photo).   I doubt we deserve to have places like this sometimes, especially the way we are quickly destroying them.   At least I might be able to tell the next generation what they missed out on.

In the afternoon I visited Edith Clavell Mountain and went on an hour hike.   Our small group (most didn’t come on this excursion) visited a melting glacier (like they all are in Canada).   I got to touch ice that has been there for at least 5,000 years.   Unfortunately in my lifetime (assuming 50+ years) this glacier will probably no longer be with us 😦 The wildlife that lives in this area will struggle once this resource is gone.

About Nathan

An Australian World traveler who has been fortunate enough to experience 56 countries so far.
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