World Trip 2006: Day 120 – Vancouver, Canada

Wednesday 26 July 2006
Highlights: Backpack finally showing up!

Getting up at 7 am I found my backpack had been delivered at around 4 am that morning, which made me very happy.   British Airways gave me 30 pounds compensation for the delay (about $60 CAD). Walking down to my hotel for the Canadian tour (about 35 mins with my backpack) I was surprised to find I was allowed to check in early at 11.30 am which allowed me a very nice and long shower which was great after the last few days.

Today I explored Stanley Park which is located just past Downtown Vancouver.   It took me about 5 hours to really take it all in.   The locals are blessed which some stunning examples of natural at her best.   The beaches afforded everyone a chance to enjoy the good weather (and good looking females!).

At night I got to watch the start of the competition of the Festival of Lights.   This is a 2 week event of nightly fireworks put on by different countries.   This night it was Italy who opened the festival with fireworks over the bay.   Very impressive, the dogs must have hated it however as the noise almost knocked you down 🙂

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A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries (76 by June 2023) in this amazing world.
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