World Trip 2006: Day 98 – Madrid to Burgos and San Sebastian, Spain

Tuesday 4 July 2006
Highlights: Burgos Cathedral

Travelling today from Madrid to San Sebastian BusAbout had to put on an extra bus as everyone is keen to get to San Sebastian as it is located near the running on the bulls which is currently on.   Unfortunately (or is that fortunately) I learnt that I would miss it all by one day (I’m certain the bulls would run me down).

Since BusAbout didn’t want us in San Sebastian too early (for Hostel check in reasons) we stopped at Burgos for about one hour.   This town has an excellent Cathedral with a Jesus that is very life like.  The gate to the city is also very cool.

I´m starting to realise that Spain is a great country, the people are nicer than most of Europe and the cities are definitely cleaner (something I would not have guessed).

On getting to San Sebastian it was actually raining (well one or two drops anyway).   I haven’t seen rain at all for close to 3 months.   Anyway I ended up in a 4 person room and once again I was the only guy (I’m not complaining).   Have interesting conversations with the 2 Canadian girls and the Australian.   I walked around the shore and watched a little of the Germany Vs Italy match World Cup match.   At around 6 am the Australian girl returned from partying (that’s fairly standard in Spain BTW).

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