World Trip 2006: Day 90 – Nice and Monaco, Principality of Monaco

Monday 26 June 2006
Highlights: Expensive yachts, wealth of Monaco

Today I did a day trip on the train from Nice to Monaco which in some ways is a separate country but in others is part of France.   They speak French but unlike most of this country this place was very clean i.e. no dog shit or rubbish on the ground.

You can buy citizenship to Monaco but it costs a hell of a lot, however the tax free haven still has the highest income per capita in the world. The yachts were obviously very expensive and magnificent and the beaches (again with pebbles not sand) had more beautiful people than Nice.

Another thing that tells you Monaco is different is there are not street vendors charging high prices for water, no you have to go to a cafe or restaurant and pay ransoms for the previously free gift of water.   It should also be noted that Monaco has 1 policeman to every 23 residents, I think in Melbourne it is around 1 to somewhere in the thousands.

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