World Trip 2006: Day 84 – Rome to Orvieto to Florence Italy

Tuesday 20 June 2006
Highlights: Visiting Orvieto Town, Exploring Florence

BusAbout had a bonus stop at Orvieto a small and beautiful Tuscany town.   The cathedral is stunning especially the 5 panels starting with heaven and moving down until the last panel shows hell.

Getting into Florence at around 3 pm we had an organised dinner and orientation walk.   Unfortunately Florence today was around 36 degrees and very humid, the forecast is for more of the same.   During the walk we got to see the Duomo (Cattedrale de Santa Maria del Fiore), Palazzo degli Uffizi (home of the Galleria), we walked over Ponte Vecchio (the only bridge to survive WWII) and walked around Loggia della Signora (which is a square with copies of great sculptures like Michelangelo’s David).

Dinner was held at ‘The house of Sizzle’ with four courses; Bruschetta, plate of mixed pasta, grilled chicken & chips, and finally some great gelato.

A drink as also included for the 15 euro cost so it was a great deal (well for me anyway, all those who had the meat for their main course didn’t like it). The campsite is a little out of town and unfortunately the room doesn’t have air-conditioning (it was a long night, first very hot and at about 3 am very cold!!).   We had a full bus today and Danny got left behind after losing the draw.

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