World Trip 2006: Day 82: Amalfi and Naples to Rome, Italy

Sunday 18 June 2006
Highlights: The beautiful Amalfi coast seen from the edge of cliffs

Another early start (7 am) which was necessary to avoid the many tourist who drive on this coast.   We followed the coastal road to the towns of Positano, Amalfi and Ravello.   Luckily we had a good driver otherwise we’d end up of the cliff and fall to our death.   The truth is I’m not sure how the bus got around the corners as I don’t think I would have got a car around them.

There is no way townships would be built in the positions of these ones today, they are way too remote.   Some of the hotels cost 600 euro a night, others more.   I took the opportunity to get a much needed haircut in Amalfi and let these tourist towns take some much need money from me when I eat at them (very expensive but good food).

We also stopped in Naples on the way back.   I have to say that I now have a worst list for European cities.   We visited the world’s first mall (thanks Naples) but every shop was closed (it was Sunday and this is Catholic Italy).   The smog is overwhelming and the city incredibly dirty.  The problems at Naples actually make the views in the rest of the Italian Explorer not as good as the ‘mist’ (aka smog) comes down to these sites as well.

If you don’t think humans are killing the environment visit this city.   Arriving back in Rome I managed to catch the second half of the Australia versus Brazil World Cup match.  While Brazil scored twice I thought Australia played well.   Getting into my room I found I had the 3rd bed, the high & difficult climb, oh well it’s only for 2 nights.

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