World Trip 2006: Day 73 – Venice, Italy

Friday 9 June 2006
Highlights: Gondola ride around Venice, Rialto Bridge, Torre dell Drologio

What a great day.   Finally I experienced a warm day in Europe (I’m guessing around 24) and today I had the pleasure of exploring this marvellous city with five wonderful women (Natalie, Bernie, Melissa, Amy and Sally).  What a great way to spend the day on the floating city of Venice.

There are no cars in Venice so you either walk or you catch the waterbus which is a very good way to get around.   The main point of Venice is the San Marco square, unbelievably people feed the pigeons here and they land all over you!

Venice is famous for its canals (which are wonderful), it’s shopping (which is expensive) and for its gelatos (which are addictive).   With a group of 6 it was possible to hire out a Gondola and get the Venice experience.   The girls ended up getting wine so we really made the most of it and I think the photos will show the fun we ended up having.  Shopping and getting lost were the main features of the day (we planned to get lost, really we did).   The famous Rialto Bridge is massive and actually has shops on it.   I think everyone ended up buying something at some stage (including me somehow!).

We didn’t do the museum visiting thing but the Torre dell Drologio (clock tower) is impressive.   The Italian guys also don’t mind calling out to the beautiful girls either.  Back at the campsite I got the room again to myself (air-conditioned and all).


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