World Trip 2006: Day 65 – Bern, Switzerland

Thursday 1 June 2006
Highlights:  Bear Pit of Bern, Cheap Beer

Today I met up with 2 young woman from the USA Ashlee and April and together with Luke we decided to exploring the city.   First up we hired bikes to get around, best yet you got your money back when the bike was returned.  I proved a bit of a klutz managing to crash my bike.  This was very embarrassing especially after I helped the girls earlier and I mentioned my extensive bike riding experience 🙂

Left to right: me, Ashlee, April and Luke

During the day we visited the Bern Bear Pit with houses several bears that basically do tricks for the crowd, it sounds bad and it is in many ways however I hope that they  are very well looked after, at least they appeared to be healthy.    We also found the status of an Ogre eating little children, so beware misbehaving children!

Later in the day we attended the opening of a bar which had an opening special allowing each patron one 2 for 1 beer purchase.  Both Ashlee and April are Mormom’s and as a result don’t drink alcohol so they let us use their 2 for 1 specials which meant both Luke and me got to have 4 beers for the price of 2 and given the exchange rate this turned out to be almost the only reasonable purchase possible in Bern, and I expect Switzerland!

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