World Trip 2006: Day 52 and 53 – Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Friday 19 May and Saturday 20 May 2006
Highlights: Cesky Krumlov Castle, Castle Gardens, historic buildings

A very short drive to Cesky Krumlov and I was enjoying this fairytale like small city (around 15,000 people).   This city survived WW2 without really any damage.

The local castle is simply stunningly and a must for any visitor to Cesky Krumlov.   The castle is still guarded by bears in the moat (yes that was the method of choice in the Czech Republic).

The town is quite amazing, the buildings very historic and beautiful.   Unlike Prague it is a little cheaper than Australia and you can get some good meals. However at night after 10 pm you have to be quiet or you get fined 5,000 crowns ($295 AUS) however that didn’t stop some travellers from finding underground pubs and not getting any sleep 🙂

In many ways Cesky Krumlov was what I needed at this point, a small town which you can walk around for hours and hours.   The flowing rivers, the enormous and calming Castle Gardens, and the quiet nature of this town is very good for the soul.   Many people ended up staying an extra 2 days despite there not being many sites to see that the normal tourist rushes past.   Don’t missed this town if you are in this part of Europe.

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