World Trip 2006: Day 23 – Cape Town, South Africa

Thursday 20 April 2006
Highlights: Hout Bay, African Penguins, Table Top Mountain

On our last full day together we headed off to Hout Bay and ended up walking up to a lighthouse that was so high it didn’t really save many ships (I think 20 odd crashed nearby).   Jacko & Marjia both run down to the beach again and I’m informed that the ocean is extremely cold. We also went and visited the Penguins (African).   The Penguins have really grown in number of the years and these ones pick one mate and stay loyal for life (so they better hope a shark doesn’t strike).

On the way to Table Top Mountain we run across some monkey’s walking on the road (one with a baby on its back).   Now we could have hiked up the mountain but most of us took the cable car (Jacko & Marjia the energy rabbits again the exceptions).

Table Top MountainIt’s hard to believe that the mountain is in the centre of Cape Town.   Just getting the cable car to the top gave me concerns.   The photos don’t do this place justice. Jan booked us into a local establishment called Mama’s Kitchen.   Well I have to say disappointing; I think Jan’s cooking left us with very high standards.

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