World Trip 2006: Day 13 – Zululand and Dolphin Coast, South Africa

Monday 10 April 2006
Highlights: Zululand High School performance, Witch Doctor predictions

We started today with a visit to a local Zululand high school and village and the students put on a dancing performance during a morning assembly.    Anika was pulled onto the ‘stage’ and showed us all she really could dance (didn’t sing however).   I already have an order in for the video Jacko was taking.

We then visited a local witch doctor who predicted that one of my sisters would soon have another child.   For some reason only the girls in the group really asked questions, mostly about marriage and children actually.  Well Jacko did ask about finding the love of his life from memory to be fair.

We finished up at Dolphin Coast Drifter Inn.   This place is right on the beach and other people do stay at this Inn.   After having a great time swimming and playing some of us got very drunk and wet (it rained) in town, others got to know the locals a little better.   The baari (fish) that Jan cooked as 10 out of 10.

Can life get any better??

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