World Trip 2006: Days 3-4: Johannesburg, South Africa

Friday 31 March 2006 and Saturday 1 April 2006
Highlights: South Africa vs. Australia Test Match

I went to the first 2 days of the South Africa vs. Australia Test Match at the Wanderers Cricket Ground.   I got fantastic seats, right behind the bowler’s arm. This is a great ground to watch cricket.   They have a golf course just outside which is stunning.   The houses in this area are amusing.   It won’t surprise that this used to be a ‘whites’ only area.   The great thing at this ground is you can go onto the field during the breaks and view the wicket.

I managed to get a photo of Langer’s only ball in this match, just good timing (from me, not Langer) as he got knocked out.   I actually saw him during the lunch break get taken to the hospital.   He had blood on his top and could barely stand; I don’t think he will be playing in this match again.   You can also cook you own food at this ground.   Looks like a good idea to me.

During the nights I’ve been catching up with people returning from overland tours talking to them about their experiences, O can’t wait to commence mine on Tuesday.

Tomorrow I’m off to the Apartheid Museum which should be interesting to see if it provides any balance on South Africa’s history.

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