Tennis Team Advances

Well somehow the tennis team I captain managed to make the finals after having to win our last 3 matches since the Christmas break (one against the then 3rd team and the other against the run away 1st team – West Brunswick in the last match).

Today was our knockout Semi-Final (2nd vs. 3rd)   Due to the  Melbourne rain the match was not completed however we are up by 5 games winning 4 of the first 5 sets (out of 9 sets to be played) and it looks like victory could be ours and a Grand Final  match.  This could be my last time playing for the Mt Carmel Tennis Club, a club that at one stage I was President of.

It was a hard decision but I actually left myself out of the finals team going for my brother Reagan to play.   My season has never really recovered from a calf injury early December (I’m fit but I lost form being out so much).  In many ways this has been a very enjoyable season.   The competition committee expected us to finish last and we have all pulled together as a whole team better than any I’ve played before on a Saturday.

Our ladies have really stepped up especially young Elizabeth who has taken the number 1 ladies position before I planned and done really well.  I’ve especially enjoyed the play of my nephew Andrew who last season got selected as the 3rd (and last men’s) player in a lower grade and this year really stepped up after my injury and made the number 1 spot his.   Unfortunately he also beat me for the first time in singles, I’m not sure I’m ever going to beat him again 😦

There is definitely something to be said about playing in a team sport.   Tennis enables entire families to play together.   I’ve played in matches with 3 generations of my family playing.  There are very few sports that have both genders playing each other in a competitive environment.   I’m going to miss playing for Mt Carmel and playing with my great team.   If we win the grand final it will be the most satisfying win I’ve been apart of even though I’ll probably be on the sidelines. Sport — be part of it!

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