World Trip 1999-2000: Day 114 – Oxford and Windsor to London, England

Thursday 2 March 2000
Highlights: Christ Church Cathedral & College, Windsor Castle

In many ways this is the last day of the trip as tomorrow is a rest day in London with only shopping planned before flying out in two days.

Most of the famous Colleges in Oxford are closed to the public.  We were however able to visit possibly the one Christ Church.  Christ Church was founded in 1525 by Cardinal Wolsey but after Henry VIII’s reformation of the church and murdering the Cardinal the King refunded it in 1546.

Christ Church is both a Cathedral and a college.  The Cathedral is the smallest in England and the only one to serve as a church as well.  The Cathedral is highlighted by beautiful windows.

The grounds of the College are beautiful to behold and the Great Hall, were breakfast is served, is breathtaking.

Onwards to Windsor we went to visit Windsor Castle.  The castle was only opened to the public following a fire in 1992 to raise money for the repairs.  The cost is £10.50 which is way over the top, and this does not include a tour or a audio guide (an extra £2.50).  The rip-off of the whole trip even if the castle was magnificent.  I guess it keeps the poor people out (but not Jon & me!).

The castle is over 900 years old and has been home to the royals from the start.  St George’s Chapel is in the Gothic style and houses the tomb of former Kings and Queens including Henry VIII, George V and Edward IV.

The State Apartments show off the extreme wealth of the royal family, there was gold everywhere.  The Apartments include the Waterloo Chamber (for meals) and the Garter Throne Room (where the Knights of the Garter Order meet).

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