World Trip 1999-2000: Day 112 – Chester to Shrewsbury to Stratford-upon-Avon, England

Tuesday 29 February 2000
Highlights: Royal Shakespeare Company’s performance of Macbeth

We set out to explore Chester in a good mood but it was quickly dispelled when we couldn’t find anywhere to put our backpacks which resulted in us taking them with us everywhere which was far from ideal.  As a result we just ended up visiting the Chester Cathedral.

Originally a 10 century Saxon church it was converted into an abbey in 1092 and in 1540 after Henry VIII’s dissolution of monasteries it became what it is today a cathedral.

Next stop was Shrewsbury were once again there was nowhere to secure our backpacks.  This resulted in a short walking tour of the town, in the rain, with the highlight being the Market Hall which was erected in 1595.

Finally we went to Stratford-upon-Avon the birthplace of William Shakespeare. To top of the day of problems the hostel was full so we ended up instead at a local bed and breakfast which actually turned out there a nice change.

The highlight of the day easily was our visit to the Royal Shakespeare Company and their current production of Macbeth.  We had to line up waiting for return tickets but luck was on our side.  Jon ended up on the ground floor, I ended up on the top deck.

The theatre, called ‘The Swan’, is setup the same has the original Globe Theatre was.  Having already seen the reconstructed Globe in London it added to the experience.

The actors use the whole of the theatre including running right pass you and talking to the audience during the performance!  A truly remarkable performance and experience, we were discussing it late into the night.

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