World Trip 1999-2000: Day 103 – Derry to Dublin, Ireland

Sunday 20 February 2000
Highlights: Magnificent Murals covering the ‘Troubles’.

We spent most of the day in Derry / Londonderry.  Early in the morning we again walked the wall, but this time looking murals of the Troubles. In Northern Ireland murals have become significant symbols, depicting the region’s past and present political and religious divisions. Belfast and Derry contain arguably the most famous political murals.  We managed to get a few good photos of them.


The town was almost totally dead.  It seems Sunday trading is not allowed in most cases.  The rest of my time in Derry was spent organising statements from the hostel and police.

We caught the 3 pm bus to Belfast and from there the 5.30 pm train to Dublin.  You don’t really know when you cross the border as there is no Customs since both United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland are members of the European Union.

Since we had no local currency on arrival, and being a Sunday there were no foreign exchanges open, we ended up spending the night looking for a cheap restaurant that took credit cards.  We eventually found an Italian place that was okay.

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