World Trip 1999-2000: Day 87 Lincoln, England

Friday 4 February 2000
Highlights: Lincoln Castle, Lincoln Cathedral, Magna Carta, Lincoln Ghost Tour

The hostel we are staying at is a little bit further away from the attractions of Lincoln than we would like but the manager is great and so was the breakfast.

The Lincoln Cathedral is the real highlight of the town.  Set on top of a hill overlooking the town, construction started in 1072 with the central tower being 81 metres high.  However because of an earthquake in 1185 almost of all of the Cathedral dates from after this date.

Henry VIII took almost everything of valve from the Cathedral when he broke from the Catholic Church.  He did this in most newly converted Anglican Churches to highlight the difference in his new Christian religion so the place of worship was just that, not some golden palace like the Pope’s Cathedrals.

Oliver Cromwell also destroyed some of the history of the Cathedral when he took all of the iron from the various memorials.  He also used this great Cathedral as stables for his horses.  The Royal Family and Anglican Church were not things Oliver Cromwell liked.

Despite this the Cathedral is magnificent to behold.  The Bishop’s Eye glass window is visually pleasing and the Lincoln Imp watches us all with interest.

The Lincoln Castle was built in 1068 and the local court is still based here.  The main attraction in Lincoln’s copy of the Magna Carta.  There were 36 copies signed and sent to each county at the time.  Only 4 are still known to exist.

We finished our day with a ghost night tour which drew on the ancient history for it’s stories including all of the executions held at the Lincoln Castle.  Just the thing to do before turning in for the night his walk the streets at night hearing ghost stories!

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