World Trip 1999-2000: Day 74 – Los Angeles, USA

Saturday 22 January 2000
Six Flags Magic Mountain.

After confusion at the hostel over our booking to Magic Mountain we paid an additional $11 (total $71) for transport and entrance.

Magic Mountain is purely a roller coaster attraction with a DC Super Hero theme.  The best ride was the Riddler’s Revenge.  You stand up, get strapped in, and twist and turn while going upside down.  Never seen anything like it, try before eating lunch!

The Batman Ride was also brilliant as they had an e collect free fall part of the ride.  The Superman Express however was a little disappointing.  Basically this was the best theme park I’ve experienced yet including Disney World in Orlando.

The shuttle back to LA broke down meaning we were stuck for a while and when we got back the Greyhound driver forgot our stop meaning we caught the 3 am bus to San Francisco.

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