World Trip 1999-2000: Day 68 – Flagstaff, USA

Sunday 16 January 2000
The amazing Grand Canyon.

After enjoying the free hostel breakfast the tour of the Grand Canyon left around 9.30 am and took approximately 2 hours to get to our destination.  Our driver and guide David took us to four different points on the South Rim during the day and we then finished at the ‘Grand View Point’ attempting to watch the sunset.

The Grand Canyon is simply magnificent and the greatest natural sight I have yet experienced.  It actually doesn’t look real, it feels impossible for nature to be this beautiful and grand.  I kept thinking it was a computer image with all the different colours, shades and textures.  Nothing quite prepares you for the view, I guess that’s why it took a while for my mind to understand this was actually real and not simulated.

At one of the stops we hiked down about half way which took around 45 minutes.  This was actually a little dangerous with all the ice and snow, and the rocks and narrow path.  The views got even better the lower we went.  Some in our group jumped over gaps in the rocks that went straight down 100s of metres in order to get better photos.  I decided, being a little chicken, to just stand on the edge.  The hike back was even more testing then going down.  The only slightly disappointing aspect of the visit was it was too overcast to get a brilliant sunset.

I got talking to a couple, Mark and Angela, who are heading for Las Vegas tomorrow so we might watch up in the morning.  Back at the Hostel I spoke to Sara from New Zealand for a couple of hours.  Sara has been in England for two years and had some great tips for this upcoming leg.  That is what hostel travelling is about sharing information and helping each other.

The single best day of the trip so far.

Grand Canyon South Rim

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