World Trip 1999-2000: Day 63 – Deadwood, USA

Tuesday 11 January 2000
Visiting graves of Calamity Jane and Wild Bill

Today we visited the historic sites of Deadwood.  But first the locals greet us as we walked around the small town.  This was surprising but apparently getting to Australians in town was news, we must have made an impression playing blackjack last night!

Deadwood is famous for James Butler Hickok aka ‘Wild Bill‘ who was shot here playing poker ( the dead man’s hand) and Calamity Jane (Martha Canary).  It snowed overnight and again during the day and it sure made a beautiful sight, and was very slippery!  We visited the W.C. Adams museum which covered Deadwood’s varied history.

After a careful climb we visited the local cemetery which has over 3,000 graves, Deadwood currently has 1,800 live residents. Wild Bill and Calamity Jane are both buried here. The cemetery also gives you a great view of the town.

We then tried to win car rental costs, for our visit to Mt Rushmore tomorrow, at Saloon 10, the one were Wild Bill was shot.  Nothing so serious this time 🙂

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